Nanny Training

We offer a Nanny Training Course for your domestic worker and we do placements as well. The Domestic Worker will receive a certificate on completion of the course. The course consists of 5 modules.

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Module One


  • Parents emotions and post natal depression
  • What is a Nanny
  • Self image and positive communication
  • Professional Ethics and Grooming
  • Hygiene and contagious illnesses


Module Two


  • Your relationship with baby
  • Picking up baby
  • Nappy changing and nappy rash treatment
  • Bath time and dressing
  • Bottle feeding and cleaning methods
  • Child observations and running records
  • Colic
  • Moving onto solids
  • Sleeping
  • Potty training


Module Three


  • Developmental chart and milestones
  • Comprehensive understanding of childhood development
  • Behavior management
  • Importance of immunizations
  • Childhood diseases and caring for a sick child
  • Health and general safety tips
  • Toys and baby equipment
  • Administering basic first aid & CPR
  • Necessary items needed in a first aid kit
  • Seeking medical assistance
  • Home safety and preventative security measures


Module Four


  • Playing is learning & language development
  • Growing up with a smile
  • Intellectual development
  • Senses and communications


Module Five

  • Cleaning routines around baby
  • Professional conduct in the home
  • Discussing problems with employers